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Self Improvement

Atomic Habits summary

Atomic Habits is the book to read if you want to break the behaviours which bring you down and adopt good ones. The name of the book gives you a clue to its philosophy. It looks at how you can break down habits into smaller parts making it easier for you to adopt them. The […]


The Good Ancestor summary

The Good Ancestor looks at how we can leave the world a better place for unborn generations. It’s a concept we don’t consider that much, but an important one nonetheless. We are custodians of the planet and it’s important to leave it in a good state when we pass the baton to the next generation. […]


The Undoing Project summary

The Undoing Project is a fascinating book which looks at the relationship between two psychologists, Amos Tversky and Daniel Kahnemann, and the implications it had for understanding human nature. The book looks at how their work on heuristics and decision making demonstrated the common errors in the human psyche. We also see how their fruitful […]


Deep Work summary

Deep Work is a book by Cal Newport on how you can change your working practices. As the name suggests, this Deep Work summary will look at ways you can develop a working practice that allows you to get a lot of work done in a shorter space of time. The premise behind deep work […]

little known books worth reading
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10 Fascinating Little Known Books Worth Reading

Books are a timeless source of knowledge. However, too few of us read enough, or have a reading habit altogether. People have been writing for centuries, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped in books that you cannot find elsewhere. Knowledge is timeless, it doesn’t if it was written 2000 years ago, […]

Self Improvement

Mastery summary

Mastery is a wonderful book by Robert Greene which looks at how you can become a master in your chosen discipline. A lot of us make the mistake of thinking success is down to talent. That those who reach the heights do so because of innate gifts. This isn’t the case. As Greene explains in […]


Bounce summary

Bounce looks at what it takes to become successful and whether it all comes down to hard work or talent. The author, Matthew Syed, is a former professional table tennis player and he uses the world of sport as an example of what drives success. I’m sure all of us believed we could do what […]


The End of Average summary

The End of Average is a book with a radical theory. That the idea of an average life or an average person is nonsense. In a short, but fascinating book, he sets out to tackle the myth of average and what we should focus on instead. This seems like counter-intuitive advice. Averages are so entrenched […]


The Jungle summary

The Jungle looks at the meatpacking industry in the United States during the early 20th century. The novel depicts an immigrant family’s struggles as they try to make a success of their lives in America while depending on the industry for their employment. Four months after Sinclair wrote the book in 1906, the United States […]


Doughnut Economics summary

Doughnut Economics is an interesting book that takes a different look at the economic paradigm we live in. Today, free-market capitalism rules the roost. Multinational corporations are the big economic drivers with our economy which is primarily based around extraction. The drivers of economic growth involve drilling and extracting fossil fuels from the ground. Coal, […]