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How To Be Right summary

How To Be Right is a book by British radio talk show host James O’Brien. If you’re unfamiliar with O’Brien, he is notorious in the UK for clips where he ‘schools’ callers on their beliefs. It’s worth watching a few of them on YouTube before you read the book. You’ll get a better understanding of […]

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Fluent Forever summary

The path to writing this Fluent Forever summary started when I moved to Spain to teach English in 2015, I spoke very little Spanish. My vocabulary consisted of less than ten words. I had lived in Australia and New Zealand beforehand and I thought Spain would be similar to that. However, I didn’t account for […]


What Sport Tells Us About Life Summary

I’m a huge sports fan. Whether it’s football, golf or rugby, if ti’s on I will watch it. There’s something compelling about watching sport live that I can’t quite put into words. Growing up, I wanted to be a professional football player. The dream was to play for my team, Liverpool FC. Unfortunately, I didn’t […]


A Life Too Short summary

A Life Too Short takes a look at the life of German goalkeeper Robert Enke who tragically took his own life in 2009. It’s hard to imagine why someone like Enke would commit suicide. From the outside, it appeared like had an idyllic life. He was a professional footballer and the number one goalkeeper for […]


Adults In The Room Summary

Adults In The Room takes a look at the Greek financial crisis through the eyes of Yanis Varoufakis, who was the Greek Finance Minister from January to July 2015. The book is a riveting account of his time as a minister and his dealings with the European Union, as he negotiated a new bailout package. […]


Shoe Dog Summary

Shoe Dog is a memoir by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, which details how he built the company from humble beginnings into the behemoth it is today. I knew very little about the history of Nike before I read the book, so it was interesting to read how the company came about and it […]


Stillness Is The Key summary

You wake up. You scratch your eyes, turn your head to the side to see what time it is and slowly lift yourself up from the depths of the mattress. Once again, your head turns to the side, but this time you reach for something. On the table by the side of your bed is […]


Siddhartha summary

One of the best books I’ve read recently is Siddhartha. It’s a novel by the German writer Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of the titular character. The book is set during the time of Gautama Buddha, the spiritual leader of Buddhism. It’s a short but thought-provoking book that caused me to think […]

how to read 100 pages a day
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How To Read 100 Pages A Day

In an essay written in 1946, Books v. Cigarettes, George Orwell recounts a story of why people from poor backgrounds didn’t read as many books as those of more privileged stock. During a discussion between a friend of Orwell’s and two factory workers, while they were fire-watching during the Second World War, the two men […]


Seven Deadly Sins Summary

Seven Deadly Sins is a book by the Irish sportswriter, David Walsh, regarding his campaign to out Lance Armstrong as a doper. It’s a fascinating account of his decade long pursuit of Armstrong, who at the height of his power, was virtually untouchable. It’s amazing to think that when Armstrong was ‘winning’ multiple Tour de […]