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best michael crichton books
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14 Best Michael Crichton Books You Have to Read

This collection of the best Michael Crichton books are the ones you should read if you want fantastic stories with a scientific twist. Michael Crichton is one of the most influential novelists of recent times. He may not be a household name but you’ll have heard of some of his books such as Jurassic Park […]

best michio kaku books
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11 Best Michio Kaku Books You Have To Read

This collection of the best Michio Kaku books are a thrilling read and will teach you a lot about physics, the universe and much more! I’ve been a fan of Michio Kaku for a long time and have read a few of them. The Future of Humanity, Physics of The Future and Parallel Worlds are […]

best book series for adults
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9 Best Book Series For Adults You Have To Read

I’ve put together nine of the best book series for adults you might not be aware of. This is a different list from others and focuses on a series of books on a variety of different topics. You have a series on British monarchs, great ideas and short introductions to hundreds of different topics. These […]

books that make you think
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11 Best Books That Make You Think About Life

There are plenty of books that make you think about life but these are a collection of some that have made me reconsider some of my core beliefs and made me realise things I didn’t know. One of the best things about reading thought-provoking books is that they open up windows into new worlds and […]

best books to reread
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10 Best Books To Reread

Creating a list of the best books to reread isn’t easy. There are so many great books you could read and then read again, the list could contain 100 books. I’ve managed to get this one down to ten that I feel offer a lot of value and wisdom that you should read them again […]

best european history books
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11 Best European History Books To Understand The Past and Present

Choosing the best European history books is no easy task. European history has often been tumultuous, barbaric and cruel, as well as inspirational, uplifting and revolutionary. It seems there’s no in-between in the over two-thousand-year history of Europe. Given recent developments with Russia’s war in Ukraine, I thought it would be helpful to put together […]

best george orwell books
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11 Best George Orwell Books You Have To Read

Choosing the best George Orwell books is no easy task. He was responsible for some of the most famous and influential books ever written. Trying to narrow this list down to eleven presents a difficult challenge. However, after reading several of Orwell’s works, I feel I can give it a fair go. Orwell is most […]

books on climate change
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14 Best Books on Climate Change and The Environment

Wherever you are in the world, this collection of the best books on climate change will relate to you in some way. It doesn’t matter if you live in the Arctic Circle in Norway, or the South Island of New Zealand, climate change affects us all. I first became interested in climate change when I […]

books on utopia
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11 Best Books on Utopia You Have To Read

If you’re looking for books on utopia, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 11 of the best books that portray visions of a utopian future you have to read. The idea of a utopia is of a society that functions without strife and is considered to be a ‘perfect society. Many of these […]

little known books worth reading
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10 Fascinating Little Known Books Worth Reading

Books are a timeless source of knowledge. However, too few of us read enough, or have a reading habit altogether. People have been writing for centuries, there is a wealth of knowledge that can be tapped into by reading books that you won’t find elsewhere. Knowledge is timeless, it doesn’t if it was written 2000 […]