Philosophy, History

Humankind summary

Humankind is a book that questions whether humans are as mean-spirited and governed by self-interest. It’s a belief a lot of us have internalised, but is there any truth in it? Are we as negative toward one another as we think? Rutger Bregman examines this narrative in this fascinating book, which questions what it means […]


Fooled By Randomness summary

Fooled By Randomness is the first book in Nassim Taleb’s Incerto series, which deals with asymmetries in life. His books are among the most intriguing I’ve come across and I always feel like I learn something new even if I read 20 pages, never mind the whole book! Taleb looks at the fallibility of human […]


Skin In The Game summary

Skin In The Game is the final part of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s five-book Incerto series. This book takes a look at hidden asymmetries in life and showing how we can make better decisions based on how much skin in the game someone, or we, have. The book is not as groundbreaking as The Black Swan, […]


On The Suffering Of The World Summary

On The Suffering of The World is an essay by the German philosopher Alfred Schopenhauer musing on how suffering is an integral part of humanity. He is considered to be a proponent of philosophical pessimism, although this shouldn’t put you off reading this book! It’s an interesting take on a topic that doesn’t get discussed, […]

Philosophy, Politics

The Prince Summary

The Prince is one of the most important political texts ever written. The importance of the book can be signified by the fact that the presented in the book are referred to as Machiavellian, after the author, Niccolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli looks at how political power can be won and maintained. Despite writing the book in […]


Stillness Is The Key summary

You wake up. You scratch your eyes, turn your head to the side to see what time it is and slowly lift yourself up from the depths of the mattress. Once again, your head turns to the side, but this time you reach for something. On the table by the side of your bed is […]


Siddhartha summary

One of the best books I’ve read recently is Siddhartha. It’s a novel by the German writer Hermann Hesse that deals with the spiritual journey of the titular character. The book is set during the time of Gautama Buddha, the spiritual leader of Buddhism. It’s a short but thought-provoking book that caused me to think […]


Meditations Summary

Meditations is a book unlike any other. It is a collection of thoughts written down by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. At the time of these writings, Marcus was the most powerful man in the world. He commanded the Roman Empire from a position of absolute authority. Marcus did not write down these thoughts with […]


On Living and Dying Well summary

On Living and Dying Well is a collection of writing by the Roman politician Cicero. He was a prominent figure in Rome during the time of Caesar before his death under the reign of Antony. Not only was Cicero a politician but he dabbled in philosophy. This book focuses on a selection of his pieces […]


On The Shortness of Life summary

On The Shortness of Life is an essay by the Stoic philosopher Seneca who offers us a reminder of the one resource that we are forever running out of, time. This is one of my favourite books I have read in the past few years. It fundamentally changed the way I look at my life. […]